Group of independent Klinger companies

The founder Richard Klinger was just 26 years old when he opened his own workshop in Vienna. Interested in the problems associated with glass tube indicators on steam engines, he designed a water level gauge constructed on the reflection principle. He was awarded a patent for his invention in 1890 and opened the first Klinger factory in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, which over the years has been extended and still is one of Klinger’s largest production site.

Problems with sealing his new invention were a major factor for Richard Klinger and he was forced to look for a solution. He created the revolutionary calendered compressed fibre gasket material using a mixture of rubber and fibres.

Today Klinger is one of the leading suppliers of industrial sealing and fluid control products worldwide. Klinger is a global group with a total of 40 companies with 60 manufacturing, distribution and service sites worldwide.

The group of independent Klinger companies has been a privately owned business since 1886 and is still controlled by the Klinger family.


January 2006

Foundation of KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG GmbH with headquarters at Graben Neudorf via the merger of TEG SCHÖNEBERG GmbH with KLINGER GmbH’s industrial valve division, under the management of Manfred Gossmann and Michael Wüllerich.

The valve stores at Idstein is now physically concentrated at Graben Neudorf, in a newly constructed central warehouse, while the marketing team remains at its traditional Idstein location. The joint product portfolio continues the consistent move toward the wishes and requirements of customers for a comprehensive range of services under the philosophy "Connect with Quality”.

For customers, the extended range of facilities results in an outstanding service spectrum ranging from expert consultation to highly developed series products and on to specific customer solutions.


In the course of succession regulations, TEG SCHÖNEBERG GmbH is taken over by KLINGER GmbH, and thus becomes a member of the worldwide Klinger Group.
TEG SCHÖNEBERG GmbH remains an independent company within the Klinger Group, which ensures customer requirements in close co operation with KLINGER GmbH in Idstein.


Company merger between TEG mbH and Schöneberg OHG, creating the TEG Schoeneberg GmbH & Co. KG, with its directors Gerd Kraft and Peter Schöneberg. Peter Schöneberg, a businessman of many years experience with particularly strong market and customer expertise, boosts the area of direct sales.
With the foundation of TEG Schoeneberg GmbH, the business year is consistently used to complete the transformation of the company from a pure developer into an innovative manufacturer. Now equipped with three core skills in the fields of development, manufacturing and sales, Klinger Schoeneberg GmbH is a supplier which is consistently and specifically dedicated to the needs of its customers.
Positioning of the innovative products under the "INTEC” label as a supplier of ball valve system technology from a single source.

1993 - 1999

Occupation of the newly constructed building, comprising offices and a production hall. The move into the new building extends the previous value addition chain. The prototypes of innovative industrial valves developed and manufactured by the designers can now be systematically turned into products ready for series production with the aid of the latest testing facilities.

First attendance at the ACHEMA specialist international exhibition on the exhibition stand of KSB. The range of services enjoys a very positive response from customers, and TEG mbH consequently strengthens the area of mechanical production, and establishes series assembly facilities.

The market rewards the strategy of the company of offering development and detailed design, tested prototypes to series readiness and manufacturing feasibility studies incl. cost analysis all from a single source.


Gerd Kraft founds the "Technische Entwicklungsgesellschaft”, the TEG mbH, as a consulting company for the development of valves. The company founder, a developer of industrial valves with many years of experience, especially in the field of ball valves for industrial applications, makes do in the early years of the company with few but very efficient personnel resources.