Incineration of municipal and industrial sludge in fluidized bed furnaces. Reconditioning of operationally proven ball valves.

Refurbishment of operationally proven ball valve INTEC K231-S-HT-FMD for optimized CAPEX and OPEX.

Ball valves INTEC 113G-S-FS, suitable for vacuum, temp. 190°C to 220°C, pressure 1,6 to 3,2 bar.

Ball valve INTEC K200-S-STD-FDA, in oil and grease-free design, with FDA compliant materials.

Application in cooling water line of a steelworks.

Reconditioning of operationally proven high-pressure ball valves contributes to optimized CAPEX and OPEX for the customer.

In the production of catalyst converters, a high-temperature powder is mainly produced.

Critical applications in connection with toxic and hazardous media require particularly reliable shut-off and protection.

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