MIG - Pneumatic Rack & Pinion actuators
MIG - Pneumatic Rack & Pinion actuators

MIG - Pneumatic Rack & Pinion actuators

The actuator concept for the challanges of tomorrow!

MIG actuators - single acting / double acting

This totally new actuator concept sets new standards in performance and energy management. Up to 40% higher torque with same or smaller construction size and from 40% up to 60% less air consumption compared with the contention.
The pneumatic Rack & Pinion actuators, type MIG, revolutionise the control of butterfly valves, ball valves and plug valves.

Advantage features

  • Pistons are guided with rods
  • Additional piston guide belts
  • Consistent torque process
  • Suitable for high operation cycles
  • Integral and exterior air supply with very large diameter
  • No slip-stick effect
  • Optimum piston area to pressure ratio
  • Significant increase of performance and torque
  • Considerably improved efficiency
  • Significantly shorter actuation / reaction times
  • 40% to 60% less air consumption
  • No specialised version is needed for quick acting requirement
  • Anti blow out stop screws
  • Rotation angle with +/- 5° adjustable in every end position
  • Less wear and tear while longer life span
  • Complete assembly/disassembly only with two hexagon bolts
  • Maintenance free and easy to assemble


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