Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Dosing ball valve

Automated dosing in ultrapure water plants.

Clean, sterile, and consistently high-quality ultrapure water is intensively treated water that has a high resistivity and no organic components. It is mainly used in the specialty chemical, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries to produce pure products (e.g., medicine) in accordance with the prescribed guidelines.

In order to increase or adjust the pH-value during ultrapure water treatment, caustic soda is added. For this purpose, the dosing ball valve INTEC K740 was developed in close cooperation with the customer on the basis of the KLINGER Schöneberg sampling device ball valve. The original design was extended by an additional outlet for dosing. The ball has a blind hole and can take 50 ml of caustic soda with each stroke/switching and dispense it by a 180° rotation. The dosing is automated, as the ball valve is equipped with a pneumatic 180° actuator.

The accurate dosing supports the increased requirements for water purity, especially in the semiconductor industry.


Dosing ball valve on basis of sampling device ball valve type INTEC K740.


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