EcoVadis Gold status for KLINGER Schöneberg once again

Achieving and maintaining sustainable excellence. 

The EcoVadis Gold status is not only an award, but also a commitment to our environmentally friendly business, ethical behavior and social responsibility.

In recent years, KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG has increasingly focused on sustainable practices and social responsibility. One platform that helps us to evaluate and improve our sustainability performance is EcoVadis.

Based on our conviction-driven environmental and social sustainability (ESG) management, the Gold award once again confirms our position as a pioneer of a sustainable and future-proof corporate culture. The EcoVadis Gold status is not only an award, but also a commitment to our environmentally friendly business, ethical behavior and social responsibility.

EcoVadis is an independent rating platform that evaluates and ranks companies worldwide based on their environmental and social practices. Gold status is awarded to companies that can demonstrate outstanding performance in the areas of environmental protection, social responsibility, ethics and supply chain management.

As in the past, KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG was supported by DFGE's Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economy, a long-standing partner.


Our steps to increase sustainability:

1. Fundamental review

  • Carefully analyze the previous assessment on EcoVadis to identify the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ensure that all required information has been provided completely and correctly.

2. Strategic goal setting

  • Clearly define targets to improve sustainability performance.
  • Identify key areas where improvements are required.

3. Stakeholder engagement

  • Integration of stakeholders (customers, Executive Board, etc.), expectations and concerns in the sustainability strategy.
  • Active communication with suppliers, employees and customers, for holistic implementation in the corporate culture.

4. Introduction of new initiatives

  • Implement targeted programs and initiatives to reduce environmental impacts and increase social responsibility.
  • Investments in renewable energies, waste reduction and social projects.

5. Transparency and communication

  • Improve transparent reporting, by providing clear and concise information.
  • Publicly share achievements and progress to build stakeholder and customer trust.

6. Supply chain management

  • Review and improve supply chain management to ensure that all partners also implement sustainable practices.
  • Implementation of guidelines for suppliers to promote sustainable behavior.

7. Continuous improvement

  • Integrate a continuous improvement system to ensure that sustainability efforts are constantly updated and optimized.


Maintaining and increasing our Gold status on EcoVadis requires a comprehensive, strategic and committed approach to sustainable management. By consistently implementing these steps, carrying out a supply chain risk analysis and calculating the product and company carbon footprints (PCF and CCF), we were not only able to increase the EcoVadis rating score from 70 to 78 points, but above all achieve an improvement in the areas of the environment and labor and human rights.


"EcoVadis Gold status is not just a trophy for us, but rather a tool to support us on our journey to sustainable success in the future and to highlight our commitment to responsible business practices."

Marcel Gossmann, Managing Director





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