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KLINGER Ballostar-KHE - Flanged ball valves

Fit to face any application!

The product line KHE completes the range of KLINGER Ballostar split body ball valves for the sizes DN 15 up to DN 200. To ensure it can cope with different needs and is fit to face any application, the KLINGER Ballostar KHE ball valve satisfies with a modular system of stuffing boxes and sealing elements.

Product Advantages

  • Reliably leak tight - inline and to the atmosphere
  • Pre-stressed, elastic sealing system
  • Re-sealable labyrinth stuffing box (optional)
  • Stuffing box with O-rings
  • Design with modular components
  • Antistatic design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Top flange DIN EN ISO 5211


  • Actuators (directly or via mounting kit)
  • Operating stem extension (also with protection pipe)

Special Designs

  • Metal seats for abrasive media

Certificates and Approvals

  • Fire-Safe acc. to DIN EN ISO 10497
  • Emission testing acc. to VDI 2440
  • Valves for gas distribution systems acc. to EN 13774
  • Valves for natural gas transport in pipelines acc. to EN 14141
  • Valve (soft seated) with class A leak tightness acc. to EN 12266
  • Approved for oxygen application (resistance to internal burnout was tested by BAM)

General Information

The specified pressure and temperature values showing the maximum range for orientation only. For the necessary design please note the pt diagram in the respective data sheet. Main criterion of the material code is the basic material of body and cap. The performance and service life of KLINGER valves depend to a large extent on proper storage and fitting - factors beyond the manufacture’s control. We can, however, vouch for the excellent quality of our products. With this in mind, please also take note of our operating instructions.

Overview series KLINGER BALLOSTAR KHE Ball valves

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