Hydrogen in Geothermal Energy

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Process description

Geothermal energy complements the mix of renewable energies from wind power and solar energy and has the advantage of "constant availability", as there is independence from climatic conditions and from the time of day and season.

In geologically favorable locations, there are natural deposits of hot thermal water deep below the earth's surface. Deep geothermal energy involves the thermal utilization of the subsurface from approx. 400 m to several thousand meters by means of deep boreholes and is used to generate electricity and heat.

Due to the rarity of such deposits, the hot dry rock process is becoming increasingly important. In this process, cold water is pumped into the earth to a depth of about 5,000 meters. There, the water heats up and is pumped back to the earth's surface.


  • The temperatures of the thermal water are approx. 140°C.
  • Lime-containing medium and hardly any lubricating properties.
  • Settling of the lime on the valve components.
  • Dissolved gases, which diffuse over time.
  • Delivery rates with 165l/sec.
  • Delivery pipe diamter up to 340 mm.
  • Pressure up to  344 bar (5,000 PSI).


High temperatures and flow rates, aggressive gases and crystallized salts demand optimum performance from industrial valves.

INTEC K200 - two-piece flanged ball valves

Proven design with perfect technical functionality. The ball valves are available in various material combinations and with different features.

INTEC K221 - floating ball, metal seated, single side spring loaded seat ring

INTEC K211 - trunnion mounted ball, metal seated, both sides spring loaded seat rings

INTEC K811 - three piece high-pressure ball valve

High precision bearings and both sides spring loaded seat ring elements are responsible for safety handling in all applications of the high-pressure ranges.

INTEC K811 - trunnion mounted ball, metal seated, both sides spring loaded seat rings

INTEC K814 - trunnion mounted ball, PEEK seated, both sides spring loaded seat rings



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