KLINGER Schaugläser

KLINGER Gauge Glasses

Borosilicate gauge glasses - long and circular design.

KLINGER Gauge Glasses

The Quality of a sight (gauge) glass depends mainly on the chemical composition and mechanical strength of the glass material. Analyses and acid/alkali tests constantly ensure a high glass-quality. The mechanical strength is reached by thermal prestressing. The gauge glass is the most important component of the liquid level gauge. We manufacture our gauge glasses ourselves and use exclusively “extra-hard” borosilicate glass. KLINGER Gauge glasses are exceptionally resistant to alkalis, acids and boiler water (within the service limitation). We manufacture reflex and transparent glasses according to the most varied international standards.


KLINGER gauge glasses are packed in individual cardboard boxes. In addition to the glass, each package contains a KLINGER sealing gasket and cushion gasket and forms a complete unit ready for installation.


  • Transparent gauge glasses
  • Reflex gauge glasses
  • Circular gauge glasses


Dimensions, weights and field of application of the individual types can be found in the product catalog.


KLINGER Reflex gauge glasses

The side facing the media chamber is provided with moulded grooves set at 90° angle. The moulding process increases the resistance of the glass grooves to wear; the skin which the glass attains during moulding gives it maximum smoothness and hardness. This makes it extremely resistant to the attack of boiler water.

Application of Reflex glasses

Up to 35 bar saturated steam, reflex glasses provide the optimum solution: The reflex glasses are corrosion resistant and provide an absolutely clear indication. Reflex glasses can be used with all media except steam at the service conditions up to 400 bar pressure or up to +400°C.

Types of Reflex glasses

KLINGER Reflex glasses are available in three different types: A, B and H.
Dimensions, weights and field of application, please refer to the product catalog.


KLINGER Transparent gauge glasses

The surfaces on both sides are finely grounded and polished to ensure optimal transparency.

Application of Transparent glasses

In steam service above 35 bar and for media with a high pH-value, KLINGER Transparent glasses must be protected by a mica shield on the side facing the medium chamber. Transparent glasses should always be chosen for contaminated, viscous or corrosive media. Within the given service limitations they may be used for all media except steam at pressures up to 340 bar or temperatures up to +400°C.

Types of Transparent glasses

KLINGER Transparent glasses are available in four different types: A, B, H und TA-28.
Dimensions, weights and field of application, please refer to the product catalog.


KLINGER Circular gauge glasses

Pressed, grinded, polished and thermally prestressed gauge glasses, properties as defined in DIN and OENORM.

Application of Circular glasses

Suitable for temperatures from -273°C up to +300°C. Glasses with dimensions 31,75/12,7 up to +356°C.


Dimensions, weights and field of application, please refer to the product catalog.


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