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Process description

Hydrogen is used as a basic material in many chemical processes. The largest share is used for ammonia synthesis, in refineries and for methanol production.

The starting point for the power-to-chemicals process is first the electrolysis of water. In the next step, the hydrogen produced in this process is used together with carbon dioxide to produce a synthesis gas for a methanol synthesis to methanol or gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons. These in turn form the starting material for a variety of other processes for the production of ethylene, propylene or other downstream products based on them.

Reacted with atmospheric nitrogen, the hydrogen can also be used for ammonia synthesis, a catalytic production process in the Haber-Bosch process. In this process, hydrogen and nitrogen can be obtained separately and mixed or used immediately as a nitrogen-enriched synthesis gas.

The reaction takes place at high temperatures and pressures as follows: First, the necessary pressure level is established in the compressor. In the gas purifier, the gas is cleaned of adverse impurities and fed into the contact furnace. There, the gas mixture is heated and reacts with the catalyst to form ammonia gas. It is then cooled in the cooler and separated from unreacted hydrogen and nitrogen in the separator.

The ammonia produced can then be used for the production of urea or fertilizers, for example in the form of ammonium carbonate. In the context of food chemistry, hydrogen is used for the preservation of foodstuffs as well as for the hardening of vegetable oils.


  • High pressure and high temperature requirements.
  • Ammonia synthesis at 150 to 350 bar and about 400°C to 530°C.
  • Methanol production at 50 to 350 bar and about 200°C to 380°C.


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