INTEC Duoball-Kugelhahn

SMART valve / INTEC talk

Permanent condition monitoring of valves.

SMART Valve / INTEC talk

With SMART Valve / INTECtalk the fourth industrial revolution in the segment of industrial valves is initiated.

The solution is based on various monitoring systems that continuously check the operating states of the valves in a facility. Observing the constant flow of data enables plant operators to obtain real-time information on each individual valve, including performance deviating from the standard. As a consequence, faults can be detected and precisely localized with absolute certainty, and quick troubleshooting and maintenance measures can be initiated.

The permanent data generation of INTECtalk, however, has much more potential: Analyzing the output also provides reliable information about the remaining operational life of a valve. And this leads to another keyword of Industry 4.0: Predictive Maintenance. Compared to scheduled maintenance, this alternative approach empowers operators to predict when a unit will become inoperative and to replace it just prior to the occurrence of such an incident. This can be achieved on the basis of the previously accumulated valve performance data.

The use of these monitoring systems not only increases reliability, safety and overall efficiency, but can also prevent unexpected and cost-intensive valve-related downtimes from occurring in the future.

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