Hydrogen in the reformation

Valves for gray and blue hydrogen.

Process description

On an industrial scale, steam reforming is now the most common process for producing hydrogen.

This involves the endothermic catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons such as methane and naphtha to synthesis gas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen). These processes are carried out on a large scale under pressure and at high temperatures. To produce pure hydrogen, the carbon monoxide is largely converted with water vapor to carbon dioxide and hydrogen (so-called shift reaction).

The carbon dioxide and other components (e.g. unreacted methane and carbon monoxide) are then removed from the gas mixture by adsorption or membrane separation. This is referred to as gray hydrogen. The separated residual gas (H2, CH4, CO) is used together with a portion of the feed gas to fire the reformer.

If the CO2 produced after hydrogen production is captured and stored (carbon capture and storage, CCS) or reused (carbon capture and utilization, CCU), this is referred to as blue hydrogen. This is also climate-neutral as long as the captured carbon dioxide is not released into the atmosphere.


  • High temperature requirements up to 950°C.
  • Nominal pressure up to 50 bar.
  • Reforming process using supercritical water on heterogeneous catalyst at 250 to 300 bar and 400 to 550°C.
  • Operating safety.


The high requirements in handling synthesis gases and supercritical water are fully met by KLINGER Schöneberg valves.

INTEC K200 - two-piece flanged ball valves

Proven design with perfect technical functionality. The ball valves are available in various material combinations and with different features.

INTEC K200 - floating ball, soft seated

INTEC K220 - floating ball, soft seated, single side spring loaded seat ring

INTEC K811 - three piece high-pressure ball valve

High precision bearings and both sides spring loaded seat ring elements are responsible for  safety handling in all applications of the high-pressure ranges.

INTEC K811 - trunnion mounted ball, metal seated, both sides spring loaded seat rings



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