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Today for tomorrow - trusted. worldwide.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a decisive factor for our success! Autonomous, neutral, trained, competent, critical ... for sure!


The goal of operational quality assurance is autonomous quality control through proactive error prevention, error detection and error correction, including documentation, throughout the entire value-added process.

Quality assurance includes quality controls at incoming and outgoing goods, visual inspection, functional tests, dimensional checks and material tests (such as PMI, VT, PT, etc.) as well as intermediate and final tests during production. We perform these jobs according to defined test plans and using the specified test equipment. We also use the latest CNC measuring technology.

All relevant test and measuring equipment is calibrated and monitored by an independent test laboratory. In addition, any necessary reclamation work and rework is also handled and the Quality Assurance department ensures that articles are correctly labelled and sorted.

Furthermore, Quality assurance supports the R&D department by providing development-related advice and the Procurement department in supplier management.

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