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2,244 INTEC ball valves for the production of hexamethylene diamine (HMD) and polyamide 6.6.


Hexamethylene diamine (HMD) is a precursor and forms the basis for the production of high-quality polyamide 6.6 plastics and coating raw materials. These products are used, for example, in the automotive industry (e.g. airbags) and for the production of specialty fibers (e.g. nylon).


In the manufacturing process, adiponitrile (ADN) is hydrogenated. Adiponitrile and hydrogen are converted into hexamethylenediamine with the aid of the Raney nickel catalyst. The hydrogenation (hydrogen loading) takes place catalytically usually at a pressure between 30 bar and 50 bar and in the temperature range between 200°C and 250°C.

For use along the entire manufacturing process with a wide range of operating conditions, the customer required high-quality chemical ball valves to ensure safe plant operation as well as the necessary quality of the end-product.


Learn more below about the total of 2,244 INTEC system technology ball valves in use and the associated process conditions.

Sophisticated ball valve technology

INTEC system technology: The synonym for a sophisticated ball valve technology.

More safety, quality, reliability, lifecycle, availability and sustainability - with the innovative and proven products from the INTEC system technology, you get more out of your process plant.

For this, we combine engineering expertise with development experience, application knowledge and services to provide you with the optimum product solution using INTEC system technology for shutting off, controlling and influencing your fluid and gaseous mass flows in your process lines and plants.

Industrial valves are important components for maintaining transport and production processes in the process plants of all industries.

Their scope of operation ranges from shutting off, throttling and regulating material flows in piping systems to opening and closing processes in piping systems. The sometimes-extreme operating conditions (pressure, temperature, medium) and the safety requirements in process and control engineering require individual and innovative products combined with detailed technical knowledge and application experience for the differentiated design, development and manufacture of industrial ball valves.

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