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Today for tomorrow - trusted. worldwide.

Repair and Overhaul

Safety, quality, reliability, life cycle and sustainability are also our top priorities when it comes to repairs and overhauls of our ball valves.


The repair and overhaul of our ball valves is an essential service and performance offer of KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG GmbH.

Our ball valves are important components in process plants of all industries for the maintenance of transport and production processes. Their scope of application ranges from shutting off, throttling and controlling material flows in pipeline systems to opening and closing processes in pipeline systems. The sometimes extreme operating conditions (pressure, temperature, medium) and the safety requirements in process and control engineering require technical knowledge for a differentiated assessment of the damage or wear pattern for a proper and professional repair and maintenance by the manufacturer.

Ball valves are valuable resources, so in many cases it is worthwhile to have them checked by us first. A successful repair or overhaul contributes, depending on the product and value, to low operating costs for our customers and thus ensures optimised CAPEX and OPEX.


Your advantages:

  • Extended service life through proper and professional repair and maintenance
  • Exclusive use of new original parts from the manufacturer
  • Low operating costs
  • 100% functional guarantee
  • 100% function-, pressure- and leaktest
  • Warranty and guarantee on all repairs and overhauls
  • Marking and traceability of the repair and overhaul performed


For irreparable ball valves we are happy to offer you alternative solutions tailored to your application.

An indispensable prerequisite for a non-binding cost estimate is the sending of the ball valves in open position, chemically cleaned and with an enclosed decontamination declaration or clearance certificate.


Please send the ball valves concerned exclusively to our head office:

Heidelberger Straße 3
DE-76676 Graben-Neudorf, Germany
Contact person: Rüdiger Roth


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