INTEC K211-HT-FMD | High-pressure and high-temperature ball valves

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For shutting off catalysts and untreated hexamethylene diamine (HMD) in the high-pressure and high-temperature range (pressure > 40 bar, temperataure > 200°C) of the inlet and outlet of a filter unit, the ball valves type INTEC K211-HT-FMD in nominal sizes from DN50 to DN150 are used.


Due to the solid particles present in the medium and the process data mentioned, these are metal-seated and trunnion-mounted ball valves in high-temperature design with spring-loaded seat rings. To ensure permanent spring deflection and tightness in the port, the spring rooms of the ball seats are sealed and pressure supported.

The ball and ball seats are coated with a cobalt-based hard alloy by thermal spraying and subsequent melting. This results in high wear and corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range, as well as resistance to abrasion, adhesion and erosion due to friction, sliding and abrasive blasting wear.

The trunnion mounted ball valve offers lower operating costs because any additional pressure on the valve is absorbed by the trunnion and the stem. This results in a lower operating torque. As a result, price savings can be generated in the selection of actuator technology.

To protect the automation unit (consisting of a single-acting pneumatic actuator, solenoid valve and limit switch box) from excessive temperature, a mounting bracket and a stem extension were built in combination.


INTEC K211-HT-FMD - two-piece flanged ball valve

Proven design with perfect technical functionality. The ball valves are available in various material combinations and with different features.

  • metal seated
  • trunnion mounted ball, both sides spring loaded seat rings
  • top flange DIN EN ISO 5211, best suited for automation
  • seat ring and ball hart metal coated
  • high-temperature design
  • spring chamber medium-free pressure-supported
  • high wear and corrosion resistance
  • resistant to abrasion, adhesion and erosion
  • low operating costs




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