Today for tomorrow - trusted. worldwide.
Today for tomorrow - trusted. worldwide.

Stock / Dispatching

The efficiency of the merchandise management processes and optimal warehouse and dispatch handling ensure that the right products always reach the right customers in the desired time frame and in perfect condition.


The basis for the optimal management of material flows in our company is the ERP system we use, which ensures that business operations function smoothly.

All areas of the logistics process chain are mapped transparently and comprehensibly, from incoming goods to storage, reliable supply to production and assembly, picking, packaging and dispatch. Reliable inventory management of all incoming and outgoing goods, storage locations and storage bins, management of the supplier (consignment) warehouse and customer consignment stores, as well as internal material movements between different areas up to and including stock reconciliation with the articles and orders is carried out in real time. Packing lists are used to ensure that the products are packed in a professional and protective manner and to prepare the outgoing goods documents, such as shipping labels, delivery notes and invoices.

A system-supported program is available for taking and evaluating inventory.

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