INTEC K410 und INTEC K411 | universal three-way ball valves for distribution and mixing

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The 3-way ball valves type INTEC K410 and type INTEC K411 are used for the distribution and discharge of potash liquors, catalysts, solutions, waste gases and contaminated wastewater between 0.5 bar and 50 bar as well as design temperatures above 200°C


When dealing with non-solid-loaded media in the low to normal pressure range, the 3-way ball valve type INTEC K410 is used. This is a soft-seated, trunnion-mounted, multiple way ball valve that is spring-loaded on both sides. For the safe shut-off of media containing particles in the high-pressure range (PN63), the metal-seated, trunnion-mounted and both sides spring-loaded 3-way ball valve type INTEC K411 is used. Ball and ball seats are coated with a cobalt-based hard alloy by thermal spraying and subsequent melting. This coating exhibits excellent wear and corrosion resistance even at high temperatures.

To support the planned process infrastructure (flow direction), the balls of the valves were equipped with an L and T bore. This allows various switching functions to be achieved, such as the distribution or mixing of material flows.


Series INTEC K400 - Multi way ball valve

Multiple way ball valve in the unit construction system of the INTEC K200 series. With 3-, 4- or 5-way applications, your medium is safety in flow!

  • full bore
  • soft seated or metal seated
  • trunnion mounted ball, spring loaded seat rings
  • T- or L-bore
  • overlap free ports available (optional)
  • top flange DIN EN ISO 5211, best suited for automation
  • wide range of special materials and accessories




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