INTEC K620/3 | Pressure gauge ball valves for pressure gauges and measuring lines

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The pressure gauge ball valves typeINTEC K620/3 are used to measure and control the pressure of liquid and gaseous media (adiponitrile, hexamethylene diamine, caustic soda, catalyst solutions, etc.) in various catalytic hydrogenation processes.


The INTEC pressure gauge ball valve type INTEC K620/3 is equipped with the flange connection according to EN 1092 as well as pressure gauge connection according to DIN 16284. In addition, it is an antistatic device with maintenance-free stem seal (friction washer and cone ring). The INTEC K620/3 has a vent bore for pressure relief and a patented hand lever geometry that prevents venting in the open position. This results in the highest level of safety when changing the pressure gauge.

INTEC pressure gauge ball valves are designed for the process at hand, allowing operators to monitor pressure and make adjustments as needed to maintain the desired pressure levels.


INTEC K620/3 - Pressure gauge ball valve with vent bore

Stainless steel ball valves for pressure gauges and measurement lines. The minimised dimensions and the safety regarding the pressure relief of the gauge are the absolutely advantages for this product.

  • flanges acc. to EN 1092 / collar cap with cap nut G 1/2" acc. to DIN 16284
  • vent hole for pressure relief
  • patented hand lever geometry that prevents venting in open position
  • soft seated
  • floating ball
  • minimised dimensions




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