INTEC Duoball-Kugelhahn

INTEC Duoball Valve

Ball Valve with double shut-off for increased operational safety.

INTEC Duoball Valve

In the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, valves are an essential part of process plants.

Apart from influencing the fluid or gaseous mass flows, valves are required for the safe shut-off of pipelines and thus fulfil an essential safety function. For this reason, safety requirements are quite rightly high and are always an integral part of plant safety.

Especially in increasingly safety-critical applications, valves with a "double block and bleed" function are in demand. This requirement can be met by ball valves with a ball bearing and spring loaded ball seats on both sides (Double Block) and a venting or draining connection (Bleed) in the so-called dead space.

The duoball ball valve developed by KLINGER Schöneberg has a double block and independent shut-off.

  • Compared to standard ball valves, the safety can be increased by a factor of 4.
  • The design is based on the integration of two ball valves in one body.
  • Like all ball valves of the INTEC series, the Duoball valve is available with floating ball or trunnion mounted ball as well as soft or metal seated execution
  • All ball seat systems naturally fulfil the leakage rate A according to EN 12266 and are absolutely gas-tight.
  • Due to the double insulation and venting function, every duoball valve is bi-directionally tight.
  • In addition, the Duoball valve is also available in the standardised overall length according to EN 588 R1 and, in addition to increasing safety, offers a compact and cost-effective alternative to using several standard fittings.


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