Hydrogen and Energy Industry - trusted. worldwide.
Hydrogen and Energy Industry - trusted. worldwide.

Solutions for Hydrogen and Energy Industry

Optimization of hydrogen value chain with reliable and proven valves from KLINGER Schöneberg.

Hydrogen can be produced in various ways. In addition to electrolysis, for which surplus electricity from renewable energies can be used (green hydrogen), thermal processes such as steam reforming (gray hydrogen) are among the most common processes for meeting hydrogen demand.

The applications are as diverse as the valves needed for hydrogen production, storage, and transportation to use. Valves used along the hydrogen value chain must meet stringent requirements for safety, design, material durability and quality. Furthermore, they have to withstand extreme pressures and temperature ranges.

As an industrial valve's specialist, we place high demands on the design and material selection of the individual valve components. For the design of our valves we use our own developed analysis and design tool CHOICE INTEC, with which we develop an economically and technically optimal solution.

At KLINGER Schöneberg you will receive comprehensive industrial valves tailored to your individual requirements. In doing so, we not only consider the entire process, the investment and operating costs as well as the energetic requirements, but also the technical framework conditions.

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