Sustainability - trusted. worldwide.
Sustainability - trusted. worldwide.

Realized and lived sustainability

Social responsibility, environmental awareness, ethics, sustainability - we at KLINGER Schöneberg attach great importance to these topics.

Each of our corporate actions has a direct and indirect impact on society, the environment and the people with whom and for whom we work. We are committed to sustainability and continuous improvement. For us, sustainability is both a guiding principle and a claim.

Maintaining and increasing our Gold status 2024 on EcoVadis requires a comprehensive, strategic and committed approach to sustainable management. By consistently implementing the defined steps, carrying out a supply chain risk analysis and calculating the product and company carbon footprints (PCF and CCF), we were not only able to increase the EcoVadis rating score from 70 to 78 points, but above all achieve an improvement in the areas of the environment and labor and human rights.

KLINGER Schöneberg achieves the Gold rating in the EcoVadis sustainability rating for the first time in 2020. The rating is based on 21 sustainability criteria divided into four areas: Environment, Sustainable Procurement, Ethics, Labor and Human Rights. Continuous improvement in all areas enabled us to convert our silver status from 2020 to gold in 2022, and we now rank among the top five percent of all companies rated by EcoVadis.

A key factor in the improved result was, among other things, the sustainable procurement assessment area. In the environmental area, a sustainable circular economy process was implemented. By cooperating with a renowned recycling company, we can offer our customers in the chemical industry a closed-loop disposal system in which the cooperation partner collects all industrial valves, sorts them according to type, and returns them for recycling or material recovery in a proper and professional manner. In addition to the important ecological function, this also makes a significant contribution to the supply of raw materials to the economy.

We were also able to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions as well as water and energy consumption by using green electricity and photovoltaics and installing a highly efficient compressor. Likewise, the ethics and human and labor rights segments were improved. The decisive factor here was the publication of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR), which contains the key KPIs, tasks, future goals and associated risks in all areas of corporate activity.

This award is an important milestone for us and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and responsible action. We will continue to work on improving our sustainability efforts to have a positive impact on our environment and society.

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