KLINGER Ballostar-KHI - 2-piece Ball Valve

Ball valve for rough use!

For use everywhere reliable functioning is required, where large nominal diameters are used and where minimum pressure loss is essential. KLINGER Ballostar KHI is recommended for petrochemistry, the pulp industry, chemical industry and general plant construction. This is a ball valve with a doubly independent sealing system. By the way: This valve is also acknowleged by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) as a double shut-off device!

Product Advantages

  • Bi-directional sealing system - no preferred flow direction
  • Full bore - slightest pressure losses and low costs for pumping
  • Trunnion mounted ball
  • Low operating torque
  • Ballostar ball vakve neets the requirements of EN 488:2011
  • Installation in any position
  • Easy automation


  • Regulating disc
  • Drain-, air relief and flushing connections

Special Designs

  • Metal seats for abrasive media

Certificates and Approvals

  • Confirmation of sealing chamber and double blocking (TRD 601)
  • Type-test approval acc. to EN 161 (automatic shutt-off valves for gas burners and gas appliances)
  • Gas approval (ÖVGW)
  • Type-test approval acc. to EN 488
  • Emission-tested acc. to VDI 2440

General Information

The specified pressure and temperature values showing the maximum range for orientation only. For the necessary design please note the pt diagram in the respective data sheet. Main criterion of the material code is the basic material of body and cap. The performance and service life of KLINGER valves depend to a large extent on proper storage and fitting - factors beyond the manufacture’s control. We can, however, vouch for the excellent quality of our products. With this in mind, please also take note of our operating instructions.

Overview series KLINGER BALLOSTAR KHI Ball valves

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