Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Ball valves for hydrogen service

Quality and safety in the transport and storage of hydrogen for high-pressure refueling of the largest hydrogen train fleet.

As part of a lighthouse project to refuel fuel cell trains with hydrogen, high quality and durable shut-off valves are required.

The required quantities of hydrogen are generated from various chemical production processes as a by-product as well as an additional electrolyzer. The hydrogen is then distributed through the pipeline network for storage and ultimately for refueling. Using compressors, the hydrogen is compressed at high pressure for efficient storage, making it available for use in fuel cells or internal combustion engines.

For this purpose, the well-proven ball valves of INTEC system technology of type INTEC K200-S-FS in nominal sizes DN50 to DN100 are used. The ball valves ensure that the hydrogen is compressed to 500 bar at the compressor inlet with an intake pressure of 7 bar via a compressor combination.

Handling hydrogen requires appropriate and high material quality, safety and valves that are proven in the process. We set the highest standards to ensure that the limits for leakage to the outside are met, thus minimizing fugitive emissions. Valves from KLINGER Schöneberg offer this and more.


Ball valves of INTEC system technology - type INTEC K200-S-FS nominal sizes DN50 up to DN100.


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