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Block & Bleed Ball Valve for Methane/Natural Gas Pipelines in Chemical Industry

INTEC K220-S-DE-FS for maximum safety.

Methane is the main component of natural gas and is mainly used as an energy source. The gas is considered a starting product for technical syntheses of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and carbon disulfide. Methane or natural gas is distributed within a chemical park via the natural gas pipeline network.

The KLINGER Schöneberg Block & Bleed ball valve type INTEC K220-S-DE-FS in nominal sizes DN100 and DN150 is used to shut off the pipeline. In addition to shutting off, this ball valve can be used to simultaneously drain, ventilate or depressurize the dead space. This means that after pressure relief via the bleed connection, both ball seats can be checked summarily for leaks. Additionally, the bleed connection offers the possibility of allowing a barrier medium to flow in for counterpressure. Furthermore, this floating ball valve design with both sides spring loaded seat rings has automatic pressure relief on the inlet side when the pressure in the dead space is 2 bar higher than the pressure present on the inlet side, thus ensuring maximum safety and functionality.

During repair and maintenance work on a depressurized line section between two ball valves, leaks in the pressurized line sections can thus be safely discharged without causing the pressure to rise or the medium to enter the repair and maintenance section.


Block & Bleed ball valve, type INTEC K220-S-DE-FS


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