Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Double line shut-off when handling natural gas

INTEC Duoball valve for additional safety.

In the chemical industry, natural gas is not only used as an energy source for the production of steam and electricity are, but also as raw material for the production of basic chemicals, on which value chains are built (e.g. the manufacture of plastics and fibers). In addition to natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur can also be involved. Ethane or naphtha obtained from natural gas can, for example, be used as a chemical raw material for the production of ethylene by steam cracking.

When generating products in chemical processes or when handling natural gas, there are high demands on the safety and reliability of the plant components. The ball valve is ideally suited for shutting off natural gas at 6 bar and 50°C as well as in connection with nitrogen at 22 bar and 50°C.

The KLINGER Schöneberg Duoball valves provide additional safety. If high safety requirements demand for a double line shut-off, the INTEC K200-S-FS Duoball with a nominal size of DN50 with an additional K200-FS DN15 PN40 ball valve as a bleed outlet for pressure relief of the defined smallest possible gap of the double and independent shut-off in the port is used. This version also has a pressure gauge connection for pressure monitoring.

With the INTEC Duoball valve, the requirements for increased operational safety and increased safety requirements in the standardized face to face length according to EN 588-R1. Due to the standardized construction length face to face, the increased operational safety can also be realized in existing old plants by simple replacement without necessary changes to the pipeline.

The Duoball valve developed by KLINGER Schöneberg has a double and independent shut-off, which significantly increases operational safety and reliability.

Duoball type INTEC K200-S-FS DN50 with an additional ball valve INTEC K200-FS DN15 PN40 as a bleed outlet for pressure relief, also pressure gauge connection for pressure monitoring.


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