Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Efficient and successful intercompany cooperation

Expansion of a tank farm and distribution for (bio) jet fuel.

The expansion of a tank farm and pipeline infrastructure is being built with maximum flexibility to allow simultaneous storage and handling of different types of fuel, primarily jet fuel. To ensure that the strict quality requirements for jet fuel are met, the investment complies with the latest safety and environmental standards.

In a multi-product tank farm, operators face the risks of contamination and volume loss due to leakage. Product separation is the top priority to avoid cross-contamination of refined products. To avoid the risks and maintain product separation, KLINGER Schöneberg ball valves type INTEC K210-FS in nominal size DN400 and pressure rating PN16 with leakage class A according to EN 12266-1 are used. This type is a trunnion-mounted version with both sides spring-loaded seat rings, designed for the process parameters of ∆p 16 bar and 80°C. In order to comply with environmental standards, the ball valve respectively the stem sealing is certified according to VDI 2440 TA-Luft. The valve is actuated by means of a single-acting pneumatic quarter-turn actuator with fail-close safe position.

Due to the close cooperation between the intercompany companies and the resulting application-specific consulting of the customer on site, the ball valves, which are usually purchased from the competition, could be displaced by our own product.


Ball valve type INTEC K210-FS DN400 PN16 with leakage class A acc. to EN 12266-1,
single-acting pneumatic quarter-turn actuator with fail-close safe position.


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