Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Filling of crystalline media

Tank bottom valves for tank, vessel, and reactor applications.

Polyethers, produced by alkaline catalysis can be mixed with an acid for work-up. The corresponding salt is then formed in a neutralization reaction. When aqueous acids are used, crystallization is induced by subsequent removal of the water in order to separate the salt formed in the final processing step. This is also called NUTSCHE in technical language.

The salt is then filled into Big Pack‘s. For this purpose, the metal-seated tank bottom ball valve type INTEC K521-S-STD-FMD/11 of nominal size DN300/200 and pressure rating PN10 with a stem extension and a pneumatic rotary actuator is used. The tank bottom ball valve from the INTEC System technology modular system is almost sump-free due to the angled stem and the resulting optimized space requirement facilitates installation under the reactor/boiler.

Since the salt tends to stick or bake on the metallic surfaces, the ball was equipped with a metallic stripping edge and a connection for leakage monitoring and flushing was realized in the dead space.


Tank bottom ball valve type INTEC K521-S-STD-FMD/11, metal seated, DN300/200, PN10,
with stem extension and pneumatic rotary actuator


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