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High-pressure Ball Valves BASF-WN

Demanding processes require particularly reliable high-pressure ball valves.

KLINGER Schöneberg ball valves with pure metal sealing are designed for extreme conditions and are also used in hydrogen applications. The well-proven 3-piece ball valves of the INTEC system technology type INTEC 117G-S-HT/11-S are trunnion mounted, both sides spring-loaded metallic sealings and for pressure class PN325. The body material made of RA4 and the pipe connection by screwed flanges and lens gasket comply with BASF-WN 18-011 of the high pressure directive.

The special design feature is that the stem, ball and trunnion are made in one piece from the material Superduplex and coated with a nickel-based hard alloy by thermal spraying with subsequent melting-down to a pore-free hard face coating as well as the seat rings.

In total, 2 ball valves of size DN30 and 4 ball valves of size DN58 were delivered, each with a stem extension and a pneumatic actuator. Due to the fact that the end customer is in China, a TSG certificate was required for delivery, which covers the pressure range now up to 420 bar.


High-pressure ball valves INTEC 117G-S-HT/11-S PN325 in size DN58


High-pressure ball valves INTEC 117G-S-HT/11-S PN325 in size DN30


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