Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

High-pressure ball valves in synthesis gas

The KLINGER Schöneberg solution for demanding process conditions.

In the process to produce aldehyde and alcohol, synthesis gas, a gas mixture containing carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) as combustible components, is used. The manufacturing process is characterized by a high pressure of 326 bar and a temperature of 200°C.

For safe and reliable shut-off at the reactor, the 3-split INTEC high-pressure ball valves type K811-S-HT/11 in nominal sizes DN16 and DN24 are used.

These are metal-seated trunnion mounted ball valves, spring-loaded seats on both sides and pressure rating PN350. The body material of 1.4571 and the pipe connection by means of screw flanges and lens seal comply with the high-pressure directive. The stem, ball and bearing trunnion are made of one unit and in superduplex. The ball and ball-seats are coated with a nickel-based hard alloy by thermal spraying with subsequent melting down non-porous hard material. The ball and ball-seat system has a surface hardness of 62 HRC and is lapped. This results in the permanent and gas-tight shut-off in the port.

In addition, the ball valve was equipped with the energy efficient MIG actuator.



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