Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

INTEC ball valves with oval handwheel.

Space-saving installation and increased safety against unintentional operation.

For the purpose of space-saving installation and the increased safety requirements for unintentional operation of INTEC ball valves in the pipeline, they can be equipped with an oval handwheel instead of a hand lever.

The oval handwheels are made of stainless steel investment casting (1.4408) and can be supplied in bright stainless steel or additionally powder-coated in red signal color (RAL 3000) for ball valves of nominal sizes DN15 (1/2") to DN50 (2").

The same and proven shaft connection as well as the locking device INTEC 30 for the open or closed position are used.


Two-piece flanged ball valve type INTEC K200-FS/30 (floating design, soft seated)


Duoball valve type INTEC K220-S-DE-FS/30
(floating design, soft seated, ball spring-loaded on both sides with automatic pressure relief in dead space).


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