Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

KLINGER KVN with spindle extension

Spindle extension can be retrofitted very easily even with valves already in operation.

For the purpose of permanent and tight sealing in the port, the piston valves made of carbon steel (VIII) with KXGT valve rings in the flange design and pressure rating PN63 from nominal size DN15 up to DN50 with a spindle extension for optimized insulation to prevent heat loss were used for steam application at 44 bar and 258°C.

The spindle extension allows proper operation even with a relatively large insulation thickness. The 3-part spindle extension can also be retrofitted very easily for piston valves that are already in operation. The lower part is simply plugged onto the valve spindle and the upper part is simply screwed in. Finally, only the cylinder grooved pin is inserted into the parts located above the cover. This does not require any mechanical work on site in the plant.


KLINGER KVN with spindle extension


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