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Manufacturing process of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Medium handling and process measurement in one single ball valve.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is considered the third most important polymer for plastics after polyethylene and polypropylene. Synthesis of ethylene and chlorine, produced by thermal cracking of petroleum and membrane electrolysis of rock salt, produces vinyl chloride - a colorless, flammable, narcotic gas. The by-products of the membrane process are caustic soda and hydrogen, which are used as raw materials for many other syntheses. PVC is produced from the monomer vinyl chloride by adding additives such as stabilizers and plasticizers in various polymerization processes (radical or ionic).

To ensure safe handling of the media vinyl chloride in combination with water, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid at process conditions of 15 bar and 100°C, the KLINGER Schöneberg ball valve type INTEC K231-S-FS-FMD DN100 PN16 is used. Since the media are loaded with solids and tend to stick, the ball valve is a trunnion-mounted design with spring-loaded metallic ball seat on one side and free outlet on the other side (absolutely free of dead space and unobstructed media outflow).

For the purpose of eliminating adhesions, especially on the ball and the ball seat, an integrated ring flushing line has been implemented on the connecting flange on the cap. This eliminates media buildup and the negative effect on the actuating torque. In addition, a lateral connection piece with block flange was realized on the cap for the purpose of installing the measuring technology for process control.

Ball and ball seats are made of the material Superduplex (1.4980) and coated with nickel-based hard alloy (SC4) by thermal spraying with subsequent melting to produce non-porous hard material. This results in the highest resistance to solids present in the medium.

The close cooperation with the customer and the high competence in the development of customer-specific system and special solutions as well as application-technical consulting of KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG GmbH, guarantees the safe handling of the demanding application.


Ball valve Typ INTEC K231-S-FS-FMD DN100 PN16 (absolutely free of dead space and unobstructed media outflow)
integrated ring flushing line and block flange on the cap for the purpose of installing measuring technology for process control.


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