Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Modernisation of production plants

INTEC Duoball valve. Increasing the lifecycle and modernisation of production plants.

With often more than 20 years of operation, many plants are partly outdated and no longer state of the art when it comes to safety.

Increasing demands placed on operational safety and environmental standards, especially for aggressive and critical media with demanding process and operating conditions, require products with extended functional features and additional safety.

The modernisation of old plants requires work and measures that serve to maintain or even increase the value of a plant and to optimise operating procedures and, in particular, safety-oriented processes.

This includes operational management, process management, process optimization as well as maintenance that sustains and, if possible, increases value. That involves optimising the balance between the expenditure for maintenance and upgrading the plant on the one hand and the safety and availability of the plant required by the operator on the other.

The INTEC Duoball valves can be used in new plants and of course in old plants where the safety requirements are increased and updated.


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