Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Polymer melt

Polymer melt leads to complex dynamic properties and is very viscous.

This results in extreme operating conditions for the ball valves used with regard to pressure, temperature, abrasion and crystallization. The KLINGER Schöneberg metal seated ball valves with heating jacket guarantee a long service life and reliability under these conditions. The process parameters were specified with a pressure of Δp 20 / 50bar and an operating temperature of 340°C.

For this purpose a total of 4 pieces of 2-way ball valves type INTEC K211-S-HT-HZM/11-S with stem extension and pneumatic actuator in size 6" and Class 600 as well as 2 pieces of 3-way ball valves type INTEC K411-L-S-HT-FMD with stem extension and gear box in size 8" /10" and Class 300 were delivered.


Ball valves INTEC K211-S-HT-HZM/11-S size 6" Class 600


3-was ball valves INTEC K411-L-S-HT-FMD size 8" Class 300


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