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Potassium fluoride

Refurbishment of operationally proven ball valve INTEC K231-S-HT-FMD for optimized CAPEX and OPEX.

Successful refurbishment of a long-standing and operationally proven metal-seated ball valve in highly corrosion-resistant austenitic steel for the production of an organic precursor in the agrochemical industry contributes to an optimized CAPEX and OPEX for the customer.

At an operating pressure of 5.5 bar and an operating temperature of 210°C, potassium fluoride is fed into a reactor. For this purpose, the ball valve type INTEC K231-S-HT-FMD of nominal size DN250 and pressure rating PN40 is used.

The ball valve is a trunnion mounted design with a spring-loaded ball seat on one side and a free outlet on the other side (absolutely free of dead space and unobstructed media flow). Ball and ball seats are manufactured with a hard metal coating of chromium carbide nickel/chromium using the HVOF process (High Velocity Oxy-Fuel spraying). Spring chamber of the ball seat is sealed.

All wetted parts are made of highly corrosion resistant stainless steel.

To eliminate the salt formation reaction especially at the ball and the ball seat, four integrated flushing ports have been realized at the circumference on the housing part side. This eliminates the salts and negative impact on the sealing and the actuating torque.


Ball valve INTEC K231-S-HT-FMD, nominal size DN250, pressure rating PN40, made of 1.4539/1.4538,
four integrated flushing ports to eliminate the salt formation reaction


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