Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Process of inerting acetone

Ball valve INTEC K200-S-STD-FDA in oil and grease-free design, with FDA compliant materials.

In the process of inerting acetone, the INTEC K200-S-STD-FDA type ball valves are used. Since the inerted acetone is used in further processing for the production of pharmaceutical products, the ball valves are to be supplied in absolute oil and grease-free design and with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant materials and their confirmation.

The ball valves of nominal size DN50 and pressure rating PN40 are the floating type, in short face-to-face length R27, body material 1.4408, with ball-seats KFM (KLINGER Flon Modified) and actuation by hand lever.

Due to the partially critical pipe runs, the ball valves are equipped with end position feedbacks (double proximity switches make P&F type NCN3-F31K-N4-K with actuator BT65X - travel damped) and integrated in the control room.



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