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Production of cation exchange resins for the treatment of ultrapure water

Use of INTEC K740 sampling ball valves to check product quality.

Natural water must first be treated due to thesalts and organic impurities it contains toproduce pharmaceuticals, semiconductors,feed water for steam generators, etc.

A proven method for descaling and desaltingis the process of ion exchange by means of so-called cation exchangers. Ion exchangers are industrially produced resins (polymer/polycondensate frameworks) that replace ions dissolved in water with other ions of the same charge. Ion exchange resins are regenerated with appropriate chemicals after depletion.


Batch production of the resins begins with the production of polymer beads by emulsion polymerization. For this purpose, a mixture of the two polymer building blocks, monomer and crosslinker, is converted into a finely dispersed emulsion in an inert solvent in a so-called bonding vessel. It is important that the reaction parameters are precisely adhered to achieve a high product quality.

The INTEC K740-STD sampling ball valve with a nominal diameter of DN80 and a pressure rating of PN16 is used to check the quality and determine the product composition. Sampling is performed directly in the pipeline downstream of the dispersion vessel before the product is introduced into a centrifugal boiler for further processing.


According to customer requirements, the ball was provided with a blind hole for a defined sampling volume of 50 ml per switching cycle. Furthermore, the valve has a connecting thread for sample containers according to DIN168-GL45 as well as a protection box with an attached Ermeto nozzle.

  • This connection piece is used for extraction if vapors of the product are generated inside the protection box due to potential incorrect operation (no insert bottle or incorrectly screwed bottle).
  • The product is very odorous and must not be given to the environment.
  • To guarantee the environmental requirements, the sampling device ball valve is TA-Luft certified according to VDI 2440.
  • To avoid accumulation of the product in the dead space, the INTEC K740 sampling ball valve is equipped with spherical caps. This design makes this valve extremely low in dead space.
  • Sampling takes place directly in the pipeline downstream of the dispersion vessel before the product is introduced into a centrifugal boiler for further processing.
  • To ensure reproducibility, the process steps of the process have been automated. Therefore, the ball valve was equipped with a pneumatic actuator for sampling.


With the increasing density of integrated circuits, the demand for ultra-pure water of the highest quality is also increasing. The smallest impurities can affect the final product and pose a major threat to production yields.

The INTEC K740 sampling device ball valve supports continuous quality and reproduction control in manufacturing.


INTEC K740-STD sampling device ball valve, nominal size DN80, pressure rating PN16, sampling volume 50ml,
with protection box and pneumatic actuator.


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