Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Production of plastic additives

Ball valves INTEC 113G-S-FS, suitable for vacuum, operating temperature 190°C up to 220°C, operating pressure 1,6 up to 3,2 bar.

In the process for production of plastic additives (antioxidants for plastic applications), the ball valves type INTEC 113G-S-FS with stem extension, manual gearbox and one-piece heating jacket of nominal size DN 6" and pressure rating Class 300 made of the material CF8M are used.

This is a trunnion mounted design with ball seats made of KFCM (KLINGER Flon Carbon Modified) spring-loaded on both sides.

Apart from the fact that the ball valves must be suitable for vacuum, they will be used at an operating temperature of 190°C up to 220°C and an operating pressure of 1.6 bar up to 3.2 bar. The heating jacket is operated with 18 bar steam to avoid heat loss.


Ball valves INTEC 113G-S-FS, nominal size DN6", pressure rating Class 300, made of material CF8M,
with stem extension, gearbox and heating jacket


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