Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Sampling at the boiler

Sampling device ball valve INTEC K780.

Production of technical phenolic resins, e.g. coating, surface protection, etc., is done by synthesizing phenol with aldehydes at temperatures of up to 120°C. For possible later tests and measurement repetitions, retained samples with a defined volume are taken directly at the boiler.

For taking the retention sample, the KLINGER Schöneberg Sampling device ball valve type INTEC K780-S-STD-FM of nominal size DN100/80 and pressure rating PN16 is connected sideways and horizontally to the boiler. The connection is made by the block flange acc. to DIN28140 with an O-ring made of Kalrez. The angularly placed stem enables sump-free installation and problem-free sampling. Sampling is performed by the 180° switching of the ball, which contains a blind hole with a sampling volume of 50 ml. Sampling is performed at the vertically arranged outlet provided for this purpose with a special bottle adapter suitable for Rotilabo screw cap can EA 75.1. In addition, the ball valve has a DN80 nominal diameter connection with a unscrewable and sealed bayonet lock for cleaning.

The sampling device ball valve is equipped with a one-sided spring-loaded and sealed ball seat, which prevents the phenolic resins (phenol, cresol, xylenol, resorcinol) from entering the spring chamber.

INTEC system technology has made it possible to combine the designs of a tank bottom ball valve with a sampling device ball valve to meet the application in a customer-oriented manner within the scope of the present norms and standards.


Sampling device ball valve type INTEC K780-S-STD-FM DN100/80 PN16


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