Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Stepless adjustment of the spring force

INTEC 40KS spring closing unit (also called deadman device). Safety device for all valves with 90° switching movement.

In pipeline installations, ball valves with spring closing unit are used for filling and draining, for sampling and for general safeguarding of the fail-safe position. The spring closing unit INTEC 40KS is a user-friendly, robust and easy-to-install safety device for all valves with a 90° switching movement. The valve is actuated by means of a hand lever. As soon as the hand lever is released, it automatically moves back to the desired safety position by spring force.

One of the special features of the spring closing unit INTEC 40KS is the infinitely variable adjustability of the spring force. This means that the user can adjust the torque individually at any time, i.e. even during operation, in just a few simple steps.


Proven INTEC ball valve equipped with a spring closing unit INTEC 40KS, size 2, 20-25 Nm.


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