Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

Tandem-Duo ball valve

for additional safety. Plant upgrade in handling nitrogen and ammonia in confined spaces.

When modernizing an ammonia production plant, the increased requirements for operational safety and environmental standards have top priority. The safety-related processes require shut-off valves with extended functional features and additional safety.

Ammonia is a chemical compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. Released ammonia spreads into the air, reacts with other air pollutants and forms fine dust particles. It is a strong pungent smelling, colorless and toxic gas that can harm human health when released. Ammonia is used in the production of fertilizers by further processing into urea and specialty chemicals such as nitric acid, polyamides, etc.

In order to replace the existing valves installed in a very confined space with minimum effort and to implement the double shut-off required by TÜV, smart solutions are needed.

For this purpose KLINGER Schöneberg designed the Tandem Duo ball valve DN15 PN40 based on the type INTEC K200-S-FS. These are two compact ball valves arranged in series, which are switched in parallel via a switching linkage by means of a single INTEC 40KS spring-loaded unit. Thanks to this special design in a special overall length format, it was possible to easily replace the existing valves without additional piping work. The Tandem Duo ball valve was designed for an operating pressure of max. Δp 31 bar and a temperature application range of -34°C to +40°C.

The more special the application and the customer requirement, the smaller the selection of standard products becomes. Then customized designs, such as those developed by KLINGER Schöneberg, gain in importance.



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