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Tank Bottom Ball Valve for Paddle Dryer

Drying of salt and distillation of solvents.

Paddle dryers are drying devices with indirect heat conduction and are suitable for processing materials with good thermal stability such as paste, powder and granules. The dryer is used for processing heat-sensitive materials as well as materials that recover solvents during the drying process and materials dried under rough vacuum.

At the same time, the paddle dryer can also be used for cooling powder and granular materials, as well as for cooling and crystallization of some special materials by injecting cooling medium.

In the process of filling fine, very hard waste salt on a paddle dryer, the ball valve type INTEC K214-S-HT-FMD with a pneumatic actuator, in nominal size DN250/200 and pressure rating PN10, made of material 1.4408, proved itself over several years and has currently been successfully repaired. In addition to the crystallizing medium, the process is characterized above all by an extended temperature window of +10°C to +230°C.

Based on our INTEC system technology and our experience in the field of tank bottom ball valves, the design of the two-piece chemical ball valve was adapted to the prevailing process and connection requirements. The result is a trunnion mounted tank bottom ball valve in an almost sump-free design, both sides spring-loaded PEEK ball seats and a medium-free spring chamber.

Due to the limited space availability under the dryer, the actuator was relocated to the outside by means of an adjustable chain drive. The resulting optimized space requirement not only facilitates installation under the paddle dryer, but also makes this possible in the first place.


INTEC K214-S-HT-FMD, nominal size DN250/200, pressure rating PN10,
with pneumatic actuator


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