Vertrauen durch Verlässlichkeit.

VCM (vinyl chloride monomer - liquid)

Ball valve INTEC K210-S-FS/Q1500 L/D.

At a leading manufacturer of PVC resins, chlorine and caustic soda, which are important building blocks for pharmaceutical products, water treatment chemicals and plastics, the ball valve INTEC K210-S-FS/Q1500 L/D is used in the application of VCM (vinyl chloride monomer - liquid) at a max. operating temperature of 180°C and a max. operating pressure of 56 bar.

Vinyl chloride (C2H3CI) is a colorless, flammable and narcotic gas with a slightly sweet and chlorine-like odor in high concentration. It is the basic substance for the production of polyvinyl chloride.

This is a ball valve of nominal size DN 6" and pressure rating Class 600, made of 316L stainless steel, trunnion mounted ball, spring-loaded ball seats on both sides made of KFCM with lockable gear. The connecting screws of the body parts were made in material A193 B7M and chemically nickel-plated with embedded PFTE.


Ball valve INTEC K210-S-FS/Q1500 L/D DN6" Class600
made of 316L stainless steel with lockable gear.


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