INTEC K400 Mehrwegekugelhahn

INTEC K410-S Manifold ball valve

Precision of sampling, also applicable for Online-Analysis.

INTEC K410-S Features

  • Overlap free multiple ports available with L-bore (e.g. DN 10, eightfold samplings)
  • Absolutely clearance volume minimized
  • Body, screwed insert and trunnion ball made of stainless steel (1.4571/1.4404)
  • With double bearings of trunnion ball with PEEK
  • Stem material Duplex (1.4462), using of best knowledge of the pump technology
  • Optimized conception between preliminary tension and elastic force of the stuffing box without using of disc springs and elastomers
  • Stuffing box system absolutely ageing resistant
  • System design in a graphite/KF cone ring principle
  • Real primary sealing, no friction washer or bearing ring using of the floating ring seal principle (graphite cone ring in KFG-profile)
  • Three side chambering of the seat rings
  • Using of nitrogenium sintered high quality KFGN
  • Reduction of abrasion, microdiffusion and operating torque
  • Certified acc. to German clean air act VDI 2440, 100.000 cycles, -40°C up to +220°C
  • Hand lever with stop bolt of secure lock of the several indexing position
  • Extreme low torque guarantee a high operating convenience
  • Best experiences in the chemical industry are made
  • Automation on request


Materials, nominal sizes and design on request.


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